About Rishikesh Nath Yogshala

Rishikesh Nath Yogshala Offers variety of courses, to become a successful yoga teacher, you may choose any one of them, not just for career but for health of mind, body and soul.

Our Status in Numbers

Total Students

These are the number of Yogis and Yoginis who are spreading Yoga across the world with certification of Rishikesh Nath Yogshala.


Years of Experience

We at Rishikesh Nath Yogshala giving this world the Yoga Gurus through our Yoga Teacher Training for past 13 + years.



Rishikesh Nath Yogshala is situated in 3 different locations with total of 4 branches across India.


In-house Staffs

Serving the Yogis & Yoginis of Rishikesh Nath Yogshala with healthy food, guiding Himalayan tours,  showing nearby cities and most important caring like family, just like your another family from India 🙂 .

Fitness is the mantra of Rishikesh Nath Yogshala. We convey the message of peace, health, and happiness amongst the people.

We stand amongst the top Yogshala that has come up with the most convenient location. We bring a wide range of Yoga Retreats, Teachers Training Programs, Yoga Sessions, Weekend Activity, and other programs that benefit the health seekers. Our specialty lies in providing the most economical Yoga Framework with a healthy and therapeutic approach at our Yogshala.

We equipped with World Class Trainers who have world-class certificates and exposure. Doing Yoga with us is like a treat in the lap of pure, soul-nurturing natural surroundings. If you are looking for learning Yoga to bring change in your life by learning Yoga for self revival or transfer the benefits to others by getting a Professional Certificate and expertise, then we are the stop for you.

Our motive is to promote and spread the ancient science of drugless system with the holistic approach that has only health benefits but no side effects. We highly focused on result-oriented Yoga and unique Yoga therapy to prevent and cure various disorders like Obesity, Asthma, Diabetes, Stress, etc. We also offer authentic and most scientific Yoga practices to males and females under the guidance of efficient and eminent Yoga Teachers. We prefer natural and hygienic environment to practice Yoga. Apart from regular Yoga Classes For Beginners to Advance Level Yoga Classes, we also offer specialized classes for housewives, senior citizens, corporate, and children. Our Yoga Sessions are highly appreciated and commendable by the participants.

Meet our Team

Some of the Yoga Gurus of Rishikesh Nath Yogshala
Known Gurus of Yoga Teacher Training classes, like Hatha, Ashtanga, Pranayama, Philosophy ,etc.



Swami Nityananda Giri, an Indian monk, and acharya of Kriya-yoga order was born in 1961 in a remote village in Odisha State, India.



Ajay Uniyal immersed in the spiritual life a very early age and till date, he has been the same. He has been teaching yoga for past 10+ years.



Being an Indian, Yogi Rajesh also has been grown up by seeing several indigenous religious and spiritual practices around him. He has experience of more than eight years.



Muktananda Ji is an Indian Meditation Guru with 15 Years of Teaching experience around the world. He teaches meditation, Pranayama & Yoga Philosophy.

What Do We Offer?

Yoga Teacher Training

Rishikesh is known amongst yogis as the world’s capital of yoga. If you’re looking for a life-changing experience, where you learn more than to teach yoga, then Rishikesh Nath Yogshala is definitely the perfect destination.


If you think that it is only about Yoga and somewhere you will feel bored, then you are a bit wrong.  Yoga practice includes many things like breathing exercise, meditation, etc., to let you know the advantage of Yoga.

Teaching Practice

Greatness in any skill comes after a lot of practice, and that practice has to start somewhere. When you have a deep connection with yourself, you can connect more deeply to your students.

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in India

Rishikesh Nath Yogshala covers 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course. Our 200 Hours Yoga Teachers Training Program is certified and recognized worldwide through Yoga Alliance USA. For years, our Yogshala’s vision is to offer Meditation and Yoga Programs that help to transform the consciousness and support the people live a spirituality fulfilling life stranded in genuine inner experience and knowledge.