3 Days Meditation & Yoga Retreat

Are you planning where to head this year to add memorable moments to your memory? Would not you love to choose something that does not only make your mind cool, but adds focus on your health too? Without putting you in a melancholy, let’s unearth the story. It is all about the 3 Days Retreat Programme Rishikesh NathYogshala at the wonderful place called Rishikesh. Rishikesh NathYogshala has designed this program especially for the people having a deep interest to live fit and healthy. The great thing is that you can also consider it a sort of a trip as the essence of nature’s beauty is also included.


The fact is undeniable that this type of retreat programs brings a great opportunity for the people who wish to enjoy a true amalgamation of Yoga and Leisure. Though, Yoga exists in India from the ancient time, but in the previous year it gained a lot of popularity as it is a great way to achieve beautiful body and a healthy mind. If you have both of them, no one can restrict you to fetch your goals. After attending this retreat program, you will feel refreshed, energetic and full of positive energy.