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Frequently Asked Questions

1-What Does Hatha Mean?

2-Do I Have to Be Vegetarian to Practice Yoga?

3-Can I practice Yoga If I am not flexible?

4-What Is Difference Between Hatha,Multistyle and Ashtanga/Vinyasa?

5-Do I have to pay for extra food?

6-Does this course have holiday inclusion?

7-Do i need to bring anything?

8-Payment methods?

9-Is Yoga experience must before your course?

10-What is the minimum and maximum age to join your Yoga course?

11-What Should I wear during yoga classes?

12-Should I bring a mat?

13-What are the benefits of this yoga course?

14-Would Yoga decrease my depression and anxiety problem?

15-Can I stay with my partner in the same room?

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