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Hatha is composed words Ha and Tha Ha represent Sun (Pingala Nadi) and The represent Moon (Ida Nadi), the hot and cold energy that moving in the body so Hatha is the science of body and mind and bringing the balance between body and mind is Hatha Yoga.

Being vegetarian is a best choice as it is said you become what you eat.

You can practice every day if possible otherwise at lease five days in a week.

Yes, actually yoga doesn’t have to do anything with flexibility. Yoga means ‘to join’ body and mind, just need tobe aware what we do.

Hatha yoga is the origin of all yoga, all other physical form of yoga has derived from hatha yoga. It is one of the oldest form of yoga which include Yogasanas, prayama, mudra and bandha. Multistyle is mix of every form of yoga, Ashtanga yoga is more intense and systematic form and series of posture, focusing on Ujjai breath, bandha and dristi.

Yes, excluding your daily meal.

Yes, Sunday is day off.

We provide you all matter of yoga.

Basic yoga knowledge in order to practice your own and teach other.

Yes,You Can Pay with Both.

Not necessary

Hatha Yoga and Ashtana Yoga.

Every class has different time duration. Minimum 45 minutes and max is 2 hours.



15 to 65 year old

Flexible and losse cloths.

Don’t eat anything at lease one hour before.

Hatha and Ashtanga

No, We will provide you it During Openin Ceremony.

1- Improve your health.

2- Receive a basic to advance knowledge about yoga.

3- Will able to teach other.

Yes But If done with dedication

Yes,You can by booking Shared Room.