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Hatha is composed words Ha and Tha Ha represent Sun (Pingala Nadi) and The represent Moon (Ida Nadi), the hot and cold energy that moving in the body so Hatha is the science of body and mind and bringing the balance between body and mind is Hatha Yoga.

No its completely on you. But during the course we provide only vegetarian and Saatvik food.

Yes you can join our course because it is for beginners as well. Yoga is very broad in its sense, it is not just not limited to flexibility. It is the art of living. Definitely you should join this at any stage of life.

Hatha yoga is the origin of all yoga, all other physical form of yoga has derived from hatha yoga. It is one of the oldest form of yoga which include Yogasanas, prayama, mudra and bandha. Multistyle is mix of every form of yoga, Ashtanga yoga is more intense and systematic form and series of posture, focusing on Ujjai breath, bandha and dristi.

3 meals in a day are included in the fee, other than that you will have to pay for.

Yes, Sunday is day off.

Rishikesh Nath Yogshala will provide you all the basic and necessary study materials, yoga mat and basic toiletries. Please bring one pair of white dress for opening and closing ceremony. Other items of your need you can bring with you.

Paypal or Cash.

If you have experience of yoga it would be helpful to you but you can join us without any experience as well. We start from Zero.

Minimum 14 Year to Maximum 65 year old

Please wear loose, flexible and non-transparent cloths, cloths also should not be too short.

We will provide you Yoga mat so no need of that.

After successful completion of this course you will get a Yoga alliance approved certificate which is internationally acceptable. After that you can teach yoga to the others or you can run your own Yoga school as well. These are the professional benefits of Yoga.

On the personal level the benefits of Yoga are limitless. It will enhance your lifestyle.

Yes Yoga has the potential to cure all our mental and physical problems. It depends how seriously and passionately you do it.

Yes you can book a single private room, you can share that room.